Rockon Enterprises Limited

Formerly : Rockon Fintech Limited

Details of Business

  • To carry on the Business as the finance Company and advance money to any person, firm or body Corporate and to receive money on deposit or loan to carry on business as financier factors and to undertake and carry on execute all kinds of financial operations and to carry on business of investment Company and to invest in and deal with moneys of the company and acquire, sell, transfer subscribe, hold, dispose of and otherwise deal in shares, stocks, bonds, land, building, properties, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any Company constituted or carrying on business in India or elsewhere a debenture, debenture stocks, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any government, State, domination, sovereign-ruler, commissioner, public body of authority, municipal, local or otherwise, whether in India or elsewhere or deposits with Banks or in any other investment or commodities or in any of the manner as may from time to time determined.
  • To carry on the business as manufactures, traders, agents, suppliers, importers, exporters and otherwise deal in all kinds of fabrics, yarns, cloth such as suiting, shirting, dress material and industrial fabrics, etc. texturised, twisted, sized, blended, spinned, viscose filament yarn and all other type of synthetics and cotton yarn and to carry on the business of share and sock brokers, underwriters, agents and brokers for taking acquiring selling, pledging, investing, subscribing, securing exchanging, holding, dealing in converting stocks, share and securities of all kinds, to as brokers for units of unit trust of India, broker for debentures, bonds, Government Securities, National Saving Certificates, Small Saving Scheme and generally for Securities of all kinds and to carry on the above business in India or abroad.
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