Rockon Enterprises Limited

Formerly : Rockon Fintech Limited


Welcome to Rockon Enterprise Limited.


The Company was originally incorporated in the name of M/s Aggarwal Electronics Private Limited with the object of electronics and telecommunications and converted  into M/s Aggarwal Electronic Limited on 9th September, 1992. subsequently, the name of the Company has been changed from M/s Aggarwal Electronics Limited to M/s Insutech India Limited on 6th May,2010.

Recently, in the year 2014 once again the name of the Company has been changed from  M/s Insutech India Limited to M/s Rockon Fintech Limited to carry on the object of Finance, making of Loan and Advances, Investment, Share Trading and also deal in Computers, hardware with all other accessories and parts and development of software and technology of all kinds to run, sell, purchases any software park. Company also diversified its business line as manufactures, traders, agents, suppliers, importers, exporters and deal in all kinds of fabrics, yarns cloth and all other type of synthetics and cotton yarn.

Recently, in the year 2015, the name of the Company has been changed from M/s. Rockon Fintech Limited to M/s Rockon Enterprises Limited to diversify its business line in other profitable ventures and segments.